International Centre for
Transactional Analysis Qualifications

ICTAQ Team Members

Julie Hay

TSTA Counselling, Organisational, Psychotherapy & Educational; MPhil Management, MSc TA Psychotherapy, PG Dipl. Mgt Studies; CFCIPD, CMgr MCMI, Lic Trnr NLP, Accredited European Counsellor, Member BACP (Accred), Psychotherapist Member UKCP, TA Master Supervisor, TA Practitioner Master Trainer & Supervisor.

Julie specialises in converting therapy models for use in organisational, educational, counselling and personal development settings and is noted for her ability to take complex theories and explain them in ways that are clear, practical and stimulating.

She has over 50 years experience in industry, government and the public sector, and has been teaching TA and DTA around the world for more than 35 years.  She has been an ‘ordinary’ employee, a supervisor, staff representative, safety representative, manager, trainer, internal and external consultant.

Julie has post graduate qualifications in management and for research into leadership qualities, international accreditation as trainer/supervisor in organisational and educational applications of transactional analysis, and international trainer certification in neuro-linguistic programming. She is a past president of the European and International transactional analysis associations, was a Founding Director and President 2006-2008 of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, was a founder, inaugural Chairperson and now Chairperson again 2009-2012 of the Institute of Developmental TA and is also the Editor of the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice (ijtarp.org – free access upon registration online).  She has been a Visiting Professor at Middlesex University, and leads a Master’s degree programme which provides tailored options for transactional analysis qualifications.

Julie is the author of numerous articles, audiotape sets and books (see sherwoodpublishing.com and amazon.co.uk). She has aso begun to publish a series of free books based on the workbooks she produces for her TA programmes.   Called TA from Then to Now, the first free book is out, subittled Core Themes – downlaod as PDF (FREE)   or e-book (FREE) or go to your usual Amazon website and search for Julie Hay for Paperback and/or Kindle (Amazon will charge their p&p costs).

Julie combines TA & NLP effectively with each other and with several other approaches including Behaviour Analysis, MBTI, FIRO, KAI, Synectics, mentoring/coaching and assessment/development centres.​  holds the Certificate in Psychotraumatology awarded by the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. has also attended an extended training in Somatic Trauma Therapy.

In addition to a volunteer placement in a local Counselling & Psychotherapy Centre, and an ongoing private practice, Julie spent time as a volunteer psychotherapist in high security male prisons in the UK, where she led a foensic psychotherapy service providing ‘challenge psychotherapy’ to prison inmates. She holds a Certificate in Psychotraumatology awarded by the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies, has been providing supervision to a rape and sexual assauilt counselling centre since 2018, and has for many years provided psychotherapy supervision internationally.

Julie is a past president of the European and International TA Associations (EATA & ITAA) and was awarded the EATA Gold Medal in 2012 for services rendered. Julie is also the inaugural and current Editor of the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice (www.ijtarp.org).

Julie is now working with others in the team to provide the same sequencing of qualifications for TA psychotherapy as she has developed over the years for the developmental and coaching applications of TA. These provide opportunities for students to gain certification is at various stages during their training, rather than the international process which sees an attendance certificate for a TA introductory course followed several years later by accreditation as a Certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) – which leads to a high dropout rate by students who then have no reward for the years of study that they have completed. As a guide, those who complete a year of advanced TA training (usually about 9 or 10 attendances at 2 x 6 hour workshops or the equivalent in 4 x 3-hour webinars monthly) and apply the TA as professionals to help others, can obtain a competence-based Certificate. Another year of attendance can lead to a Diploma, with a further year or two for the Advanced Diploma. At this point candidates can also apply if they wish for the optional ITAA/EATA international certification and/or an optional Master’s degree.

Lynda Tongue

TSTA Organisational, FCIPD, BA (Hons),  BA Dipl Trg Mgt, TA Master Supervisor, TA Practitioner Master Trainer & Supervisor

Lynda is Deputy Programme Manager of the ICTAQ qualifications in Coaching, Developmental and Management TA. She specialises in the areas of individual and organisational development. She has been consulting with all levels of management and staff, across public and private sectors since 1991. She believes that the skills and talents of many people lie untapped and finds enormous satisfaction in working with individuals to unlock their true potential.

Lynda is a BA (Hons) graduate, and she also holds a Diploma in Training Management. She is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. She was Chairperson of the Training Standards Committee of the Institute of Developmental Transactional Analysis for several years, until becoming president-elect of the International Transactional Analysis Association in 2017.

Lynda is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational) and runs a TA training academy in south-west England. As well as running programmes in the UK, she has enjoyed delivering TA workshops in the Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Turkey, plus Prague and Nashville, USA.

Madeleine Laugeri

TSTA Organisational​, Certified Translator, NLP Practitioner, Adult Trainer FSEA, TA Master Supervisor, TA Practitioner Master Trainer & Supervisor

Originally a professional translator Madeleine began her career as a European Language Training Manager for an IT international company and discovered the impact of dialogue on the organizational performance. Since then her activity has been devoted to helping individuals and groups adjust their communication for optimum comfort and success. She graduated as an NLP Practitioner in 1993, then became a certified Adult trainer (FSEAII), a certified Transactional Analyst (CTA) in Organizations and a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (TSTA-O).

Her activities in Switzerland, England, the Eastern countries, Greece and in the Middle East, consist in developing seminars for companies and universities, in training and coaching individuals and groups to promote and develop proactive professional collaboration. She developed “The Emerging Change”, an OD tool which she trains in her own TA school in Nyon Switzerland, at the Swiss Western University in a MAS Programme (Master of Advanced Studies) called “Human Systems Engineering” and at the Goethe Management Institute of Frankfurt University in Post Graduate programs. She is also invited to train and supervise in other TA Schools in several Eastern countries.

Bea Schild

TSTA Psychotherapy, MSc Counselling, BSc Social work, TA Master Supervisor, TA Practitioner Master Trainer & Supervisor

Bea has many years experience in the social-psychiatry and psychosocial fields, and much experience in the role of a therapist, counsellor and social worker for individuals, couples and families as well as groups (psychiatric patients, addiction-disorder-patients, migrants). She also gets joy teaching and has a deep interest in helping people with their personal development  and supporting them to increase their social and professional competencies.

She is a federally-recognised Psychotherapist, with an MSc in Counselling and a BSc in Social work, and is also an EMDR Practitioner. Her experience includes professional work and management within psychiatric, therapeutic and addiction clinics as well as individual practice.


Ulrika Widén

PTSTA (Counselling), CTA Psychotherapy, Psychologist, Art Therapist, TA Practitioner Trainer & Supervisor

In the early ‘nineties Ulrika moved from her home-country Sweden to Italy to specialize in stage and set design. After working for several years in that field, and after the birth of her first child 17 years ago, she decided to widen her field and combine art with psychology, becoming a Psychologist, Art therapist and a TA counsellor.

Today Ulrika has a private practice in Milan, she works with children and teachers combining techniques of art and psychology (she is the Deputy project manager for the TAPA Project).

She prepares students for the CTA exam, works with patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia, she offers support and information to their family members and is also training and supervising healthcare workers.

Ulrika also works with sports psychology, doing individual mental coaching as well as more complex organizational work.

Joy Roshan

PTSTA(Psychotherapy), MSc Clinical Psychology, PG Dipl Clinical Hypnosis, TA Practitioner Trainer & Supervisor

Joy is a psychotherapist using multiple modalities of psychotherapy. He is a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, Internationally Certified Transactional Analyst in Psychotherapy, PG Diploma holder in Clinical Hypnosis, Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, and Certified Gestalt practitioner. He practices psychotherapy at Individual and Corporate levels. He works with individual clients, couples, and adolescents to effect a deep and long-lasting change in the personality of the client, helping them to be powerful and autonomous in their lives.

He works with his clients in an environment of trust and safety, to facilitate them to resolve their issues in relationships; emotional distress. affecting efficient functioning in life; mood disturbances such as Depression, Anxiety, Personality Disorders, OCD, Phobia, Sleep disturbance, Dream analysis; relief from psychosomatic (mind affecting the body) difficulties, trauma cure, etc. He also does Past Life Regression for those seeking resolutions for which they do not know the cause.

Bogdan Serbanescu

TA Practitioner Trainer & Supervisor

Bogdan Serbanescu has over 30 years experience of working in organizations, both governmental (as UNESCO expert and Parliamentary counsellor) to multinationals (as training coordinator for Erste Bank-Romania).

​This practical experience combines with a less common theoretical one: Doctor’s degree in sciences of education, Master’s degree in conflict mediation, TA and NLP Practitioner, postgraduate qualifications from UNESCO Paris in educational management. So he combines in his trainings, coaching and consulting elements from TA, NLP, organizational behaviour, management theory, information theory, communication theory and coaching (he is also an ICF certified coach). He specializes in people’s skills trainings that fit best his developmental approach to organizations.​

Approaching organizations from a Developmental TA point of view, he thinks that organizations and institutions horizontally differ less by what they offer but more in the way they offer what they have to offer. He is convinced that efficient and effective operation of any organization is a function of individual development growth and transformation, of the way employees relate – both horizontally and vertically – between them and with the clients.

For the last 4 years, he has his own company, “Mentis Profesional”, providing training, coaching and consultancy to individuals. He leads a TA group in Bucharest and also trains in Ukraine, Poland and Turkey.

Traian Bossenmayer

TSTA Organisational, TA Master Supervisor, TA Practitioner Master Trainer & Supervisor

Traian is an organizational development specialist, with experience in training and leadership development initiatives. He is passionate about learning organizations and facilitating change within teams.

He has more than 14 years of experience in organizational settings, both as an HR professional, HR manager and management consultant. Traian is currently working for a multinational gaming company, part of the HR team and as a freelance consultant and executive coach. He passed his CTA(O) exam in Rome, 2015 and has been a PTSTA(O) since November 2016. Traian holds a bachelor degree in business management and graduated two master programs, one in HR Psychology in Romania and a second one in Organization Studies from the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Together with 3 other colleagues, he is also the co-creator of ‘Conversations in TA’, a project which aims to video interview those authors who brought significant contributions to the theory of TA. In 2011 he received the Scientific Award from the Romanian TA Association for his article ‘The Impact on Self Perception of Ego States of a Transactional Analysis Introductory Training Course (TA 101)’ published in the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research (IJTAR). Traian is also actively involved in the Romanian TA Association as a member of its Professional Committee.

Stefan Sandström

Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Psychotherapy)

Stefan is a Licensed psychologist and sociologist and the author of books on communication, transactional analysis, ethics, dependencies, stress and trauma, interpersonal violence, and resilience.  See www.spfab.se