International Centre for
Transactional Analysis Qualifications

The Alternative Approach To TA Qualifications

Developmental TA, TA Psychotherapy, TA Coaching
TA Practitioner   TA Advanced Practitioner  TA Master Practitioner
TA Manager, Advanced Manager, Master Manager
TA Practitioner Trainer/Supervisor,TA Master Supervisor

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  • Learn in whatever works works best for you – no artificial hours requirements – we assess based on competence and not via exam performance, so we really take diversity into into account
  • Assessment is based on evidence portfolios and reflective commentaries, plus recordings, and not theoretical essays
  • Assessment is done on an ongoing basis, giving the opportunity to collect staged accreditations
  • All can be done online so this is really international (including training and supervision if you want that)
  • No need to choose a TA field of application too soon – start general and opt later for a title that reflects your work
  • Option to run alongside preparing for CTA or TSTA; most ICTAQ trainers provide hours that will count for ITAA/EATA
  • We enable an easy switch from ITAA/EATA qualifications to ICTAQ accreditation
Just email [email protected], or book in for a free chat on zoom at https://juliehay.youcanbook.me,  or talk to any ICTAQ trainer
 if you want to discuss getting ICTAQ qualifications – with no obligation and no charge to talk

ICTAQ – the International Centre for Transactional Analysis Qualifications was launched by Julie Hay, Lynda Tongue and Sandra Wilson to provide a way to offer more qualifications and to supplement the international TA qualifications of CTA and TSTA (Certified Transactional Analyst, Teaching & Supervising Transactional Analyst).  Julie is TSTA in all 4 fields of TA so knows well the ITAA/EATA procedures, and wanted to offer something more accessible, like it was when she started learning TA in the 1970’s.

We offer qualifications as TA Practitioner, TA Master Practitioner, TA Master Practitioner, with optional specialisations.  We also provide a route to become a TA Manager, for those working with their own teams rather than ‘clients’. And of course we have more advanced options for trainers and supervisors.

ICTAQ qualifications operate on the basis of ongoing assessment of professional practice (rather than essays), with certificate and diploma as stages on the way to an advanced diploma. Although hours of training and supervision with most of the ICTAQ team are also recognised by EATA and ITAA, the ICTAQ process sidesteps the international procedures whereby you get nothing if you drop out between your introductory TA 101 programme and the final examinations a few years later. We suggest how many hours of training amd supervision you may need but do not have any hours requirements because that would be illogical when we are checking your competence – people learn in different ways.

We have an international network of TA trainers, supervisors, trainees, students and other interested parties. We invite any P/TSTAs who might like to offer any of these qualifications to contact us to discuss joining the team. We also welcome enquiries from those with CTA who might want to consider the ICTAQ route to TA Trainer/TA Supervisor certification.


The following statement is included in the interests of openness and transparency.
 ICTAQ – the International Centre for Transactional Analysis Qualifications CIC, is set up under UK law as a non-profit community interest company.
ICTAQ is now also responsible for the TA Proficiency Awards (run as a voluntary social action scheme)- see www.taproficiencyawards.org
  and the International Journal of Transactional Analysis Research & Practice (a free open access journal) – see www.ijtarp.org