International Centre for
Transactional Analysis Qualifications

ICTAQ Launch Announcement

Julie Hay, Lynda Tongue and Sandra Wilson are delighted to announce that they are launching ICTAQ – the International Centre for Transactional Analysis Qualifications

An idea that has been around for a while, it now seems the right time as there have been:

  • 2 candidates awarded the Developmental Super-Vision Diploma
  • 2 students submitting their Developmental TA material for university assessment
  • the awarding of the first ICDTA Certificate – and for which there has been a celebration during the IDTA Online Community Gathering on 22 April (www.instdta.org)
  • the introduction due to increasing activity of the TAPDA into TAPeDA – TA Personal Development Award; TAPrDA – TA Professional Development Award; and TAPPDA – TA Personal & Professional Development award
  • steady progress and much activity related to the TAPAs – TA Proficiency Awards – now including versions for children/young people, teachers/educators, caregivers/parents, helpers/assistants (all of which Julie manages internationally on behalf of IDTA

Hence, our decision to coordinate and add to these activities through the ICTAQ. 

To avoid any misunderstandings, ICTAQ is a way to offer more qualifications and supplement CTA, CTA Trainer and TSTA – and we will still be encouraging appropriate candidates to continue through to these TA community endorsements.

Our immediate plans now include:

Developing Psychotherapy TA qualifications on a similar basis to those already running for Developmental TA, that use ongoing assessment of professional practice (rather than essays) to lead to an ICTAP – International Centre for TA Psychotherapy – Certificate and Diploma as stages on the way to CTA. This sidesteps the international procedure whereby you get nothing if you drop out between your TA 101 and the final examination a few years later. Apart from ensuring that students have regular feedback on their practice, and developing their ability to communicate with other professionals, this format will also provide staged qualifications to confirm increasing competence, based on the same competencies that are used for CTA. It also means that students can commit for shorter periods of time and then build these up.

This initiative has been prompted by requests for something like this, and also because Julie passed her CTA Psychotherapy exam a few years ago and is now TSTA Psychotherapy.

Linking our DTA qualifications more directly to ICF – International Coach Federation – as well as the existing links to EMCC – European Mentoring & Coaching Council – for their Practitioner and Master Practitioner.

Sandra is a Master Certified Coach with ICF and has been running the International Centre for Coaching (www.icbcoaching.com) for many years now. We can already award ICF CCEUs (Continuing Credit Education Units) for the TA 101s that we run and we are now moving on to a much closer integration. ICB Coaching currently offers a TA focussed Diploma in Business Coaching which is accredited by the ICF and the Association for Coaching.

Lynda leads a busy consultancy (www.trianglepartnership.com) and has just become President Elect of ITAA so we are anticipating that she will remain as Deputy Programme Director of the DTA MSc programme, continue with her contributions to the ICDSV, TAPA and TAPDA activities, and contribute to the new coaching initiative – but other than that, we think she will be busy enough with ITAA J

What this means in practice:

  1. for the new organisation, we are launching a new website www.ictaq.org
  2. ICDTA and ICDSV will continue under the auspices of ICTAQ
  3. we are launching a new identity for ICTAP

For those of you interested in URLs, the domain names of www.icdta.net and www.icdsv.net will be pointed at the relevant pages of www.ictaq.org and the new domain name of www.ictap.net will join them.

We have a team of colleagues who are already involved with ICDTA and ICDSV, and are currently establishing the team for ICTAP. We invite all P/TSTAs who might like to offer any of these qualifications to contact us to discuss joining the relevant team:

  • ICDTA for Organisational, Educational, and Counselling when it means Coaching or other non-therapy approaches
  • ICPAT for Psychotherapy and Counselling when it refers to a therapy format
  • ICDSV for TSTA/CTA Trainer in any TA field of application

The following statement is included in the interests of openness and transparency. ICDTA and ICDSV are run under the sponsorship of Psychological Intelligence Ltd, Sandra Wilson Consulting Ltd and Triangle Partnership, and are associated with Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC, a non-profit educational organisation.  ICTAP is currently run under the sponsorship of Psychological Intelligence Ltd and is associated with Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC, a non-profit educational organisation.  Membership to any of these is free to all who undertake TA training with any ICTAQ trainer/supervisors and may be obtained by a small donation by others who wish to support our aims. Please contact us if you wish to be considered for membership.