ICDSV - Diploma in Developmental Super-Vision

This programme is designed for those already qualified as Certified Transactional Analyst or holding an equivalent qualification in a helping profession (e.g. coach, trainer).


To develop a broad theoretical basis and the practical skills required to provide supervision competently to helping professionals and trainees in the supervisor’s own field of application.


  1. 50 units of having received supervision (it is expected that this will have been done already during the process of qualifying as a helping professional)
  2. 100 units of giving supervision, to at least 5 different supervisees
  3. 20 units of supervised supervision (may be within seminars)
  4. Participation in 60 hours of workshops/seminars led by ICDSV trainer/supervisors
  5. 3 theoretical presentations and 3 case presentations within seminars
  6. Endorsements from two ICDSV supervisors


  • Supervisees to be student practitioners or practitioners in same field as candidate
  • Skype or other web-based communication channels may be used
  • Self study will also be necessary
  • Log to be kept showing types of activity, dates/hours, names and qualifications of trainer/supervisors