​​International Centre for Developmental Super-Vision

The ICDSV has been set up with the following aims:

  1. Maintenance and ongoing development of high professional standards in the supervision of practice of those who facilitate the development of others
  2. Public awareness of the existence and benefits of various levels of qualifications and awards that confirm competence of application of developmental super-vision, which we define as facilitating supervisees to create their own super-vision, or meta perspective, of their professional practice, dynamics  etc
  3. Accessibility to a diverse range of individuals who wish to develop and confirm their competence by attaining practitioner professional qualifications in developmental super-vision.

ICDSV trainer/supervisors are now part of the team running various awards and qualifications, including an  MSc Professional Studies (TA Trainer/Supervisor), MSc Professional Studies (Developmental Transactional Analysis),  ILM and CMI qualifications, ICF CCEUs, and accreditation by the International and European TA Associations (T & C Council and EATA).

In addition to the above accreditations, ICDSV operates a  Diploma in Developmental Super-Vision.   This has the same requirements as the Postgraduate Certificate but without the University accreditation - or cost!

To enquire about your options, without obligation, please contact us.

The following statement is included in the interests of openness and transparency. 

​ ICDSV is run under the sponsorship of Psychological Intelligence Ltd and is associated with  Psychological Intelligence Foundation CIC, a non profit educational organisation.